William Morris: Art and Life - Fiona MacCarthy

William Morris: Art and Life - Fiona MacCarthy

William Morris: Art and Life is published by the Art Workers’ Guild in memory of its author, Guild member, Fiona MacCarthy, and as a tribute to our most famous Past Master William Morris.

The text is from our archive and formed the basis of a lecture Fiona gave at the Art Workers’ Guild in 1996.

The book features an introduction by Guild member Frances Spalding, is designed by Past Master Brian Webb and printed by Past Master Phil Abel at Hand & Eye Editions.

One of the greatest of the private presses was the Doves Press, and this little book has been designed to echo its work. The margins follow the golden ratio often used in mediæval books and much admired by the private presses. The type is Adobe Jenson, a modern recutting of the first roman type, first used in Venice in the 1470s and a favourite of Morris’s.

18cm x 13.5cm

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