Guild meetings

The Guild meetings are open to Guild members and their guests only. Meetings start at 7 pm.  Doors open at 6.30 pm. 

 Please note that Guild meetings are now being held in person at the Guild and also on Zoom




Thursday 13 January
Master’s Night
Getting to the root of things
Root: the basis of something, its means of continuance or growth.
Route: a way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination.
From (almost) the beginning, to the here and now, and how. A meander along the route of our new Master’s roots


Wednesday 26 January
Committee Meeting


Thursday 27 January
Bro. Hannah Coulson, Bro. Zebedee Helm and Bro. Ruth Martin
The hows and the whys and the wows and the highs of modern illustration practice
Quick sketches or scribbled notes can be the first steps for a new project or idea. But how do we follow these creative threads? Three illustrators reveal how they make their way from small beginnings to finished pieces.


Thursday 10 February
Kim Wilkie
Touching the landscape
Landscape architect Kim Wilkie will talk about the ancient British tradition of sinuous landforms and how climate, death, celebration and geology have guided the English landscape ever since.


Thursday 24 February
Howard Phipps
A sense of place
Howard Phipps will speak about the places that have been the inspiration for his work as a wood engraver, in particular how different generations have left their mark on the ancient chalk downs of Wiltshire and Dorset where he lives, be it the old drove roads, or dramatic forms of early hill forts.


Thursday 10 March
Wendy Stott
People, places and passions: managing in the National Trust
Personal reflections on the challenges, disasters and triumphs of a 20-year career in the largest heritage charity in the UK.


Thursday 24 March
Bro. Helen Whittaker
Old craft, new art: an artistic journey in stained glass
Helen will talk about the inspirations and creative processes involved in her artwork, commissioned for churches, cathedrals and secular buildings. Every commission, whether figurative, abstract or representational, is inspired by the client, the brief and the building.


Thursday 7 April
Jo Sealy
The Black Artisans
Focusing on Black interest subjects and those around age and community, Jo’s recent project showcases and celebrates established UK based Black artisans. This body of work seeks to enlighten, educate and inspire everyone, especially young people, to explore traditional and cultural heritage.


Wednesday 27 April
Committee Meeting


Thursday 28 April
Peter Randall-Page RA and Thomas Randall-Page
An artistic collaboration in slow architecture
Father and son Peter and Thomas Randall-Page present The Art Barn. In 2011 Peter bought a nondescript, modern cow barn deep in the Devon countryside. He commissioned his son to convert it into an archive and store for his work. After 9 years of designing and crafting, the project is complete, and clear evidence of how architecture can benefit from being done slowly.


Thursday 12 May
Bro. Ged Palmer
Time, place and techniques: a journey in lettering
Ged explains the cultural influences and development of his practice from early influences of 1970s graffiti in New York, to tractional calligraphy right up to contemporary lettering and the signwriting resurgence.


Thursday 26 May
Andy McConnell
The impact of glass
The EU recently declared glass the first manmade material to be ‘carbon negative’ in that its applications reduce CO2 emissions in greater measure than those released during its manufacture. This lecture examines the astonishing impact of glass on both the lives of our ancestors and, more especially, our own.


Thursday 23 June

Please note: Change to Programme

We regretfully inform you that Lara Maiklem’s lecture was cancelled due to rail strikes. The l
ecture instead took place online via Zoom and we are very grateful to our speaker Simon Hurst for stepping in at short notice....

Simon Hurst
A House of Curiosities: Unpicking the Psychology of the Collecting Bug
Simon has been collecting since a child and this bug has become a life long obsession. His house rather than containing a cabinet of curiosities, has become an entire house of curiosities, a very personal museum and a window into the psyche. Through a virtual tour of his house, he will explain how this has come to be; how trying to make sense of innumerable collecting passions - to curate and make sense of the disparate - has some deep psychological purpose. Why do some people collect? Why do others not? What is its purpose and needfulness? How does one keep on top of the dusting?!


Thursday 7 July
New Members Night
An evening to get to know our new members and explore their work. An opportunity for new and old to come together to found new friendships whilst partaking of a glass of Pimms.




Wednesday 28 September
Committee Meeting


Thursday 29 September
Alixe Bovey
Material witness: learning from looking, making and materials in the digital age
What can close encounters with objects, materials, and the experience of making teach all of us? This talk reflects on the value of closelooking, object-handling, an understanding of materials, and the opportunity to grind pigments in oil, whack a block of stone with a chisel, or attempt to wrangle gold leaf.


Thursday 13 October
Alice Kettle
Entangled stories
Alice Kettle uses stitch to narrate contemporary events interwoven with personal experience and mythology. Her recent works explore the experience of refugees through the migration of textiles and how stitch explores human connectivity.


Thursday 27 October
Louis Thompson
‘This is only the beginning’
Louis Thompson is an artist who has worked with hot glass for over 30 years. A graduate from the Royal College of Art, his practice celebrates the diversity of the medium creating projects that can be challenging and unexpected. His work is held in museum collections in Germany, Japan, UK and the USA.


Thursday 10 November
Julian Eardley
The glitter in my chest hair: Pantomime dames - historical, hysterical and personal
After 33 years of mucking about in pantomimes, Julian Eardley is trying to work out the What, Why and Whatever of Panto Dames. Helped (or hindered) by Dame Lily Trott-Twankey, he may just crack it at the Art Workers’ Guild.


Monday 14 November
Lara Maiklem
Mudlark (/’mAdla;k/) noun
A person who scavenges for usable debris in the mud of a river or harbour.
Lara Maiklem has scoured the banks of the Thames for almost 20 years, in pursuit of the objects that the river unearths: from Neolithic flints to Roman hair pins, medieval buckles to Tudor buttons, Georgian clay pipes to Victorian toys. These objects tell her about London and its lost ways of life.


Wednesday 23 November
Committee Meeting


Thursday 24 November
Bro. Flora Roberts
Always painting flowers
Flora’s work is based on historic references, updated for a modern audience. Between projects she specialises in painting seasonal flowers from life. Her first collection of wallpapers was launched for Hamilton Weston Ltd in autumn 2020, soon to be added to with new designs.


Thursday 8 December
Annual General Meeting (members only)


Thursday 15 December
Ruth and Torquil McNeilage
Conservation of wall paintings, sculpture and church monuments – Winchester, Worcester and beyond
From the painted timber bosses of Winchester to the 13th century Majestas of Worcester, Ruth and Torquil McNeilage describe recent exciting conservation projects in English cathedrals and parish churches - liberating concealed medieval polychrome and long-neglected sculpture from years of overpaint, dirt and indifference. 

You can download the 2022 Programme here.