The Salon of Doubt

Sunday, 22 October 2023 - Sunday, 22 October 2023
The Art Workers' Guild

Dear Doubter,

I’m tired of certainty. The unbending will of people who don’t and aren’t prepared to listen to others exhausts me. There is no future in certainty, only doubt. I like people that are not sure about things, even themselves. People who take themselves too seriously, seriously terrify me. If you doubt, if you worry, if you are unsure, it means you care. You are human.


The Salon of Doubt is a meeting place where we can talk about and listen to each others thoughts on our current work and projects. An evening when we can share our excitement and enthusiasm, our fears, our uncertainties, anxieties and misgivings; the Salon will reveal the passion we have for our work and the love we hold for its creativity.

The evening will consist of a curated program of people talking about their creative work and it is open to all. We ask that contributors represent themselves and their work with honesty and a questioning curiosity, and that the audience attends with open ears and open hearts. Already signed up to speak are Guild members Charlotte Cory, Simon Hurst, Nicholas Hughes, Sarah Corbett and Roger Kneebone.

The Salon is not a panel of judgement, it intends to be an enjoyable evening of thought and idea sharing - with the hope it will be both inspiring and entertaining to those attending.

There are four ways you can be a part of the Salon:

  1. As a contributor
    The salon will be a curated evening so that it runs smoothly. If you would like to share your thoughts, please let me know by emailing
  2. As an attendee - book your place here
  3. As a helper
    The Salon intends to be a special evening, please feel invited to be a part in making it as special as possible. If you'd like to help please email me on
  4. By spreading the word, especially if you know someone who could possibly be a future contributor. 

The salon will start at 6.30pm on Sunday 22 October at the Art Workers' Guild.
Entry is free, but booking is essential and there will be a paying bar.

Yours doubtfully.
Rob Ryan, Master Elect


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