The exhibition, which is free to enter, includes over fifteen artists and makers, who will be showing, demonstrating and selling their work.



Phil Abel

A selling exhibition of fine press, limited-edition books printed and published by Phil Abel’s Hand & Eye Editions, featuring the Artist’s and Standard editions of The Wind in the Willows and three editions of A Far Away Country.

Bridget Bailey

Bridget Bailey will show a collection of work that demonstrates different disciplines cross pollinating. Some pieces from the Garden of Making installation that show her textile and millinery origins and some from a collaboration with sculptor Margaret Proudfoot, showing the qualities of millinery and sculpture combining. Bridget and Margaret will also be demonstrating making insects together to show some collaboration in action.

Monica Boxley

Monica Boxley’s beautiful jackets are individual pieces of wearable art, demonstrating her innovative techniques: photography, mark making and screen printing. She will be exhibiting batik cloth and clothing inspired by her recent trip to Sri Lanka.

Prue Cooper

Prue Cooper’s slipware dishes celebrate friendship and simple pleasures. Some are inscribed with quotations; the lettering is part of the design, just as the words are integral to a song, and the cast of characters depicted also comment on life.

Marianne Fox Ockinga

Marianne Fox Ockinga will exhibit a selection of framed and unframed prints of Central London, Italy and the  Netherlands. Using gouges, rollers, ink, paper, pieces of wood, lino and drawing materials, she will demonstrate how her work evolves.

Charlotte Grierson

Charlotte Grierson’s scarves, handwoven in mixes of silk, merino and linen, elegant, timeless and beautifully soft to wear, are suitable for men and women alike. In independent handwoven artwork compositions, she explores pattern and textures in weaving.

Peter Hayes

Working on large scale ceramic forms placed in the landscape, Peter Hayes’s main aim is that his work not compete with the landscape, but evolve within the it. By building up layers of textured clay, combined with burnishing and polishing of surfaces, each individual piece has opposites of rough and smooth which, with time and erosion,  takes on its own developing surface.

Bobbie Kociejowski

Bobbie Kociejowski will be exhibiting new work, scarves and shawls woven in fine silk and wool, hand-woven in a contemporary style inspired by colours found in nature. She will also be demonstrating weaving on a table loom.

Ruth Martin

Ruth Martin creates limited edition hand printed artist books, small games, curios and greetings cards. She prints with hand cut rubber stamps and a sense of fun. She will demonstrate the process of creating an artist book, carving the rubber stamps and printing with them, and finally putting an artist book together.

Thuyha Nguyen

Fine jewellery inspired by animals and nature, handcrafted using traditional wax-carving techniques. Every unique piece is a wearable sculpture that exudes originality, refined craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy Nichols, a saltglaze potter and former Chair of the Craft Potters Association, will be showing his open-handle teapot designs together with a selection of other drinking, pouring and lidded vessels. He will also demonstrate making and constructing a teapot.

Joyce Petschek

Joyce Petschek’s exquisite embroidery reinvents the art of Bargello. Her diverse collection of hand-stitched, luminously colourful pieces, includes vibrant wall hangings and reworked antique furniture, splendid silk cushions, unique purses and handbags. All are stitched in 100% silk threads. Her collection creates a complex and intense work of art.

Jane Smith

A display of hats from films that Jane Smith - the hat maker for stage and screen - has worked on, including  a red lotus boatman’s hat from Anna and the King, a large highwayman’s hat from the latest Disney film of Pinocchio, plus a few more. Jane will be demonstrating stitching skeins of straw into a hat - mini ones that children can take away and a wearable straw hat such as a cloche or boater. Also for sale will be bright summer straw hats in a variety of sizes.

Simon Smith

Master stone carver Simon Smith designs, models and carves marble and stone, undertaking projects ranging from restoration carving of historic ornament and figurative carving to contemporary sculpture and memorials.

Philip Surey

Phil Surey will be demonstrating the art of brush lettering using the classical Roman Trajan script. Visitors will have the opportunity to try it out for themselves under his expert guidance.  Also on show will be various exhibition pieces of carved lettering.

Carolyn Trant

Based on the Latin American phenomenon of cartoneras and made from cardboard collected on the street, Carolyn Trant’s Artist Books Cartoneras are focused around climate issues: woodcuts hand–printed over re-cycled topical newspaper articles and images, colourful inside but with an ironic cover like a manilla dossier discarded by our leaders. Each a palimpsest of moments in time.