The Guild Chest - Applications and Virtual Collection

To Apply:

The Guild Chest is a contingency fund to help art workers deal with the unexpected. Stuff happens! If you are in the throes of an unpredictable moment, talk to us in complete confidence.

We can help with anything that affects your career as a craftsman – a project that has fallen through, ill health or bereavement, equipment you can’t afford to upgrade, or even a steep heating bill. We can’t help fund exhibitions, but try one of us and we’ll see what can be done.

Bro. Angela Barrett (Chair):  020 7833 3262
Bro. Jane Dorner:  020 8883 2602
Bro. Simon Smith:  020 7277 7488

Virtual Collection:

In addition to the collection made at Master's Night this week, this year we have also set up a Just Giving page, to enable members to make contributions to the Chest virtually. 

The link to the JustGiving page is here and can also be found on the Guild website.

Any amount, however small, will be most welcome. Gifts can be given anonymously.

With thanks and best wishes,
The Trustees of the Guild Chest

Angela Barrett (Chair)
Jane Dorner
Simon Smith

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