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We have begun a Guild blog on the website - a space for us to share projects, musings, thought pieces; reflecting and celebrating all aspects of our wide and varied membership. The blog is edited by Hon. Editor, Prue Cooper, with help from Leigh in the Office.

Images of Lockdown from Bro. Mark Hoare

During these weeks of lockdown, the plan is to post a new blog each week and send you a notification in the weekly mailing. To start us off, this week we have two posts; a letter from Bro. Mark Hoare letting us know all about his life in lockdown and then a post from Bro. Laurence Beck telling us all about his work on the design and artwork for Simon Armitage's reworking of Hansel and Gretel, published by Design for Today.

To read Mark's Letter to the Guild, click here

To read Laurence's Art-working and Design: how I helped to create a contemporary Grimm Fairy Tale, click here.


Artwork from Hansel & Gretel, by Simon Armitage. Illustrations by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

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