New Brothers

The Overstory binding - Lester Capon

The virtual Committee meeting on the 5 May saw the election of 6 new Brothers to the Guild. We wish them all a very warm welcome!

Joe Armitage - Architect and Lighting and Product designer
Proposer: Marthe Armitage
Seconder: Monica Grose-Hodge

Lester Capon - Bookbinder
Proposer:  Mark Winstanley
Seconder: Mark Cockram

Robert Cox - Architect
Proposer: Robert Adam
Seconder: George Saumarez Smith

Eleanor Crow - Design Illustration and Painting
Proposer:  Phil Abel
Seconder: Joe Whitlock Blundell

Richard Griffiths - Architect
Proposer: Alan Powers
Seconder: Bobbie Kociejowski

Diana Springall - Embroiderer
Proposer: Sonia Tuttiett
Seconder: Celia Ward

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