New Blog Post: Bro. Regina Heinz - Ceramic Art in Architecture


Feature Wall, H:220cm, W:170cm, matt and gloss glaze, gold enamels, Spa Area, Saga Cruise Ship Spirit of Adventure, 2020

Ceramics are usually seen as functional, or on an intimate domestic scale. But there is a parallel tradition of architectural ceramics, dating back as far as Mesopotamia. This tradition has always fascinated Bro. Regina Heinz, and prompted by various commissions, she has developed her expertise in this area, creating what are described as ‘feature walls’ for both private and corporate clients. 

Her largest and most exciting commission so far was to create the cabin artwork for all 2,000 cabins of P&O Cruise ship Britannia, and in this week's blog, she tells us more about this process.

To find out more, read Regina's blog post here.


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