New Blog Post: Art School Reminiscences

Student work by Bro. Martin Grierson

Master Alan Powers:
'For art historians, art schools are a subject of fascination (to me, anyway). Many assumptions made about them turn out to be wrong, and student experiences during the 1960s and 70s will hardly be believed by future generations. It seems that nobody leaves without learning something, but usually not what they were supposed to learn. I was stimulated by PM Prue Cooper’s reminiscences of the Byam Shaw School 1962-65, to make a general appeal for ‘Art School Memories’, and fascinated by what was sent in, whether short or long.'

To find out more and read art school reminiscences from Prue Cooper, Jane Dorner, Martin Grierson, Peter Malone and Carolyn Trant, go to the blog post here.

Student work by Bro. Jane Dorner (left) and PM Prue Cooper


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