London Craft Week 2020: The Art of Making - Insights into the art and craft of beautiful objects

Wednesday 30 September - Saturday 10 October 2020
Online talks and demonstrations

Bridget Bailey

Join us during London Craft Week for a series of online talks and demonstrations by makers from the Art Workers' Guild showcasing a wide range of craft disciplines. Insights into the specialist skills involved in glass engraving, kiln formed and blown glass, wax carving, intricate small-scale textiles, print-making, collage and ceramics, including majolica work. Plus an online tour by the Guild's Honorary Architect, Simon Hurst, of the Grade ll* Georgian townhouse which is home to the Art Workers' Guild.

All talks are available to watch online on our website for the next ten days.

Bridget Bailey - A Personal Origin of Species
An illustrated talk describing Bridget Bailey’s process of reinterpreting the traditional techniques and materials from her textile and millinery background, and showing how they’ve evolved into the delicate flora and fauna creations she makes now.



Ha Nguyen - Wax Carving For Jewellery
Lost wax casting is a process where a piece of wax is either carved or moulded to the desired shape and then cast into metal. Ha Nguyen demonstrates the use of traditional hand tools and modern power tools to carve a detailed moon face ring.




 Simon Hurst - 6 Queen Square: Shaped by the Art Workers’ Guild
Simon Hurst, Honorary Architect of The Guild, will give a guided tour of the building and describe its transformation from early 18th Century townhouse into the home of the Art Workers' Guild fit for the 21st century.



Rebecca Jewell - Engaging and Creating: the reinterpretation of collections through an artist’s residency
In 2019 the British Museum acquired a collection of over 40 prints, drawings and collages made by artist Rebecca Jewell. In this talk Rebecca Jewell will discuss her trips to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, and her role on the Melanesia Project at the BM and how this has inspired her work over the last twenty years.



Agalis Manessi - Majolica Magic
This film introduces Agalis Manessi's two studios, in London and Corfu, where she was born and where she returns to every year. She describes her simple methods of working with clay, primarily with her hands, to create a range of modelled animals and figures as well as coiled and pinched vessels and dishes.

A major feature of her work is painting on the raw glaze with oxides and stains in a traditional process known as majolica. The film explores some of her inspirations and goes through the process of making, glazing, painting and firing to the glorious fired result.



Jeremy Nichols - Reconciling Form and Function: The life history of a teapot design
In this talk saltglaze potter and chair of the Craft Potters Association, Jeremy Nichols, traces the evolution of his open handle teapot designs, showing how a variety of apparently disparate influences came together to produce an integrated whole.



Sally Pollitzer - Stained or Unstained? Glass for Architecture
The versatility of coloured glass is not commonly appreciated. In this richly illustrated talk, Sally Pollitzer, an experienced glass artist and member of the British Society of Master Glass Painters, will show the importance of ancient and contemporary glass design for architectural settings.



Tracey Sheppard - Her Light Material
From the first drawn line to a final engraved mark. Tracey Sheppard will illuminate the processes of capturing an image, harnessing the touch of light. Working on, around and through the magical, mysterious medium of engraved glass.



Cathryn Shilling - Wrap Up Warm!
Cloaked are large figurative pieces that combine kiln formed glass and blown glass in an innovative way. Through this short film Cathryn Shilling shows how she makes them using a contemporary twist on a traditional glass technique that dates back hundreds of years.

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