Half sick of shadows? A request from Bro. Fleur Oakes


Like the Lady of Shalott I am weary of seeing the world through the digital mirror. I am working on a project about touch deprivation in the digital era and have a request... I'd like you to send me a picture of your hands.

I would like to make a photo album of friends' hands (not faces) and am hoping to eventually have an exhibition at the Guild, using the images to form a 'group portrait' of us all.



You can send me any or all of the following;
1. A photo of your hand/fingers/palm, whatever you feel says 'you'.
2. A photo of you touching a mirror, include the camera.
3. A photo of you holding or using a tool or object that you have in common with me.

Please send your images to me at, or if you have instagram, post them and tag @theglasspingle

Best wishes, 
Bro. Fleur Oakes


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