Financial help from the Guild Chest


The Chest is very happy to report that donations have risen since we last reported to you and the total is now £2,468.57. Many thanks to everyone for their generosity.

The Trustees have been able to help a number of Brethren with their subscriptions and are giving loans for the purchase of materials or essential workshop maintenance.

Do please come forward if the Chest can be of any assistance - that is what it is for. All loans are interest-free and, depending on circumstances, repayment may be waived altogether. These are difficult times and government schemes are not designed for the artist-craftsman. That is why we are repeatedly reminding Brethren that funds are there for you. No one except the three Trustees will know who applies.

The Trustees of the Guild Chest:

Bro. Angela Barrett (Chair):
Bro. Jane Dorner:
Bro. Simon Smith:


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