’So rich in conversation and ideas!’ Guild outreach project participant

The Guild is a sociable place where traditional skills meet modern design practices, where creative connections are forged and ‘learning by doing’ is celebrated. Our outreach activities reflect this by getting people together to explore the many ways in which craftsmanship nurtures creative thinking and plays an important role in all our lives.

Our outreach programme brings Guild members together with a wide range of people including students, educators and academics, policy makers, medical professionals, scientists and engineers, families and young people.

Our activities include practical workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations, collaborative projects, discussions and mentoring. We hope that everyone who participates will gain an insight into others’ approaches to engaging with the world, a deeper understanding of their own perspectives, and an opportunity to uncover surprising, illuminating and productive parallels between the two.

The Committee is chaired by Past Master Anne Thorne and includes Master Fred Baier, Prue Cooper, Jane Cox, Hannah Coulson, Tanya Harrod, Nick Hughes, Rachael Matthews, Seher Mirza, Jeremy Nichols, Flora Roberts, Rob Ryan, Sonia Tuttiett and Maiko Tsutsumi

If you would like to know more, or get involved in any of our activities, please contact us on