The End of Lunch - Paintings by Edmund Fairfax-Lucy

This publication marks an exhibition of painting by Edmund Fairfax-Lucy held at the Art Workers’ Guild, London, September - December 2021. Having joined the Guild in 1987, Ed was Master of the Guild in 2011, writing that ‘my intention, in planning lectures, is to celebrate those things which it is impossible to improve upon, even if that were to seem old fashioned. Tapestry is of that essence, being a great form of figurative representation, now virtually lost… Painting in the Renaissance; the gift of an art of such depth that no formula can be discerned by analysis or with the aid of a magnifying glass.’ He is fondly remembered at the Guild and by many friends. He died aged 74 on 30 March 2020.

The publication features an introduction by Paul Hills and contributions from Alan Dodd, Patrick and Erica Fairfax-Lucy, Paddy Kitchen, Alan Powers, Richard Sorrell and Nicholas Watkins. It is designed by Phil Abel at Hand & Eye Editions.

25cm x 17.5cm

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