The exhibition, which is free to enter, includes fourteen artists and makers, who will be showing, demonstrating and selling their work.



Fred Baier

Fred will take us on a journey through the development of a piece of work, Nesting Cylinders. He has been re-visiting the nesting table; models have been made and prototyping has begun. Follow him through presenting to his client, gearing up to final prototyping, CAD modelling and developing CNC component machining pathways, to the realisation of the finished idea. He will be assembling parts during the exhibition.

Monica Boxley

Monica is a textile artist working with a variety of processes. She uses batik to create one off silk scarves; a technique she learned from a renowned Sri Lankan batik artist. She has developed a range of unique clothing with print and mark making using inks and dyes. More recently Monica has been experimenting using her sewing machine to make stitched portraits with free machine embroidery.


Sarah P Corbett

Sarah will be exhibiting some of her Craftivist projects including Mini Protest Banners and Heart for your Sleeve, alongside crafterthought quotes. She will be demonstrating her Mini Fashion Statements - encouraging you to make your own craftivism project to gently encourage people to think about how their clothing is made.


Charlotte de Syllas

Artist jeweller Charlotte will be showing her original and distinctive jewellery, featuring an intricate combination of finely carved gemstones and precious metals. She will be bringing along hand tools to demonstrate how she cuts the stones she works with.

Penny Fowler

Penny is a ceramicist working in bone-china and semi porcelain clay slips. She casts her forms in layers of colour in moulds, which she has made from her original forms. Carving through layers of coloured clay slips, her decorations originate from her drawings from life. She will be demonstrating casting, inlay and carving and exhibiting a selection of her work.

Charlotte Grierson

Charlotte Grierson’s scarves, handwoven in mixes of silk and wool, elegant, timeless, and beautifully soft to wear, are suitable for men and women alike. She will exhibit her series of woven canvas compositions which explore the way in which we read patterns, by weaving repeating shapes in the structure of the fabric and using stripe sequences in the warp and weft. She will be demonstrating using a table loom.

Angela James

Angela is a bookbinder, creating commissioned fine-bindings and artists books. Her work involves dyeing and colouring the leather she uses and using letterpress and drypoint etching. She will be demonstrating  headbands - which are both functional and decorative and offer an opportunity for a bookbinder to introduce colour in subtle ways. The original purpose of a headband is to strengthen the head and tail of the spine so that when a book is withdrawn from a shelf or a box, the leather on the spine is not pulled away, the headband taking the strain instead. She will show the making of the core over which the threads (usually silk) are worked, and the sewing of single and double headbands.

Bobbie Kociejowski

Bobbie will be exhibiting her scarves and shawls woven in fine silk and wool. Her work has a contemporary feel but is entirely hand-woven and hand-finished, continuing a tradition that has spanned many centuries in many different cultures. She will be demonstrating weaving on a table loom.

Catherine Mannheim

Catherine will exhibit a small selection of her contemporary and unique handmade silver and gold jewellery, with carefully chosen precious and semi-precious gemstones. She will also show a small selection of tools and some of the materials she uses when creating her jewellery.

Ruth Martin

Ruth Martin creates limited edition hand printed artist books, small games, curios, and greetings cards. She prints with hand cut rubber stamps and a sense of fun. She will demonstrate the process of making her artist books, carving the rubber stamps and printing with them, and folding and assembling the pages.

Richard McVetis

Richard’s practice centres around drawing and process, specifically hand embroidery. He will exhibit a series of hand embroidered objects and sculptures which explore themes of geology, cosmology, the language of time, permanence, and impermanence. He will also show the potential of hand embroidery as a drawing and mark-making process through demonstrations and his archive of stitched drawings.

Thuyha Nguyen

Thuyha creates fine jewellery inspired by animals and nature, handcrafted using traditional wax-carving techniques and reticulation. Every unique piece is a wearable sculpture that exudes originality, refined craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy Nichols, a saltglaze potter and former Chair of the Craft Potters Association, will be showing his open-handle teapot designs together with a selection of other drinking, pouring and lidded vessels. He will also demonstrate throwing and constructing teapots and other forms.

Jane Smith

Jane Smith is a historical hat maker and has worked on many period shows and costume films using modern materials alongside more traditional felt and straw. Recent films featuring her hats include Poor Things, Indiana Jones and Wonka. She makes the court dress hats for the House of Lords, University Chancellor’s mortar boards, and plumed bicorns worn by the Duke of Norfolk and the Garter King of Arms. Jane will be showing a range of new shapes in beautiful straws and some novelties too.