Talks take place at 11.00am, 1pm and 3pm each day
£5 each - booking in advance essential via Eventbrite


Saturday 13 May 11am
Lessons from my travels
Peter Hayes

Peter Hayes has travelled widely through Asia, Africa and Central America learning how, with limited technology and basic tools, potters in remote villages were able to get such exquisite, beautiful surfaces. He will talk about his travels and how this has inspired his work.

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Saturday 13 May 1pm
Carolyn Trant

Carolyn Trant will talk about cartoneras, the Latin American political and ecological street publishing phenomenon. She will discuss their relevance and how they provide inspiration for her own practice and our times.

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Saturday 13 May 3pm
Hats for films
Jane Smith in conversation with Alan Powers

Jane Smith has been making hats for films since the 1960s. In conversation with the historian Alan Powers, she will show how they come into being, from initial sketches, choice of shape and materials, to the finished product. 

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Sunday 14 May 11am
Regeneration for the Anthropocene Era
Rachael Matthews & Prue Cooper

Rachael Matthews is a textile artist and founder of ’Rag School’ - a studio practice, community project and book in the making, dealing with ways to re-purpose textile waste. Rachael requests an audience with Prue Cooper, (the only Past Master of the Art Workers’ Guild to have a passport to the Free Republic of Frestonia). Rachael asks how we can collaborate in diverse communities, making something out of nothing. A manifesto for the Regenerative Arts and Crafts movement of the Anthropocene is emerging, and we would love to hear your stories. Please bring along a piece of cloth which seems impossible to make anything out of.

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Sunday 14 May, 1pm
Cardozo Kindersley Workshop: The Legacy of Apprenticeship
Lida and Roxanne Kindersley

The distinctive lettering of the Workshop is celebrated worldwide. Founded by David Kindersley in the 1930s the workshop continues to thrive today. Lida and Roxanne Kindersley discuss handing on knowledge through traditional apprenticeship and keeping the craft alive for future generations.

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Sunday 14 May 3pm
Garden of Making
Bridget Bailey

Brigid talks about ’Garden of Making’, inspired by encounters with plants and insects on her allotment. From textiles to fly-tying, and cat whiskers to millinery, this immersive installation has grown from the creative compost of her making life. It demonstrates how techniques and materials combine and cross pollinate and how fresh they can be when rediscovered away from their natural habitats.

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