Talks take place at 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm, and 4pm each day
£5 each - booking in advance essential via Eventbrite


Saturday 14 May 11.30am
From Snow White to Dracula
Angela Barrett in conversation with Ian Archie Beck

Angela Barrett in conversation with Ian Archie Beck, sharing images of her illustration work and process. Ranging from new approaches to familiar and traditional fairy tales to full Gothic horror in Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde and Bram Stoker’s seminal novel Dracula.

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Saturday 14 May 1.00pm
Nina Bilbey & Simon Smith

Nina Bilbey , Senior Tutor at City and Guilds of London Art School, and Simon Smith MRSS, Vice President of the Master Carvers Association, talk tools, techniques and tittle tattle.

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Saturday 14 May 2.30pm
Where do illustrations come from?
Hannah Coulson & Ruth Martin

Quick sketches or scribbled notes can be the first spark of a new idea or project. Two illustrators discuss how they follow these creative threads and reveal how they make their way from small beginnings to finished pieces.

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Saturday 14 May 4pm
A conversational collaboration on making
Bridget Harvey & Maiko Tsutsumi

Bridget Harvey and Maiko Tsutsumi discuss the nature of their on-going collaboration. The conversation explores their respective cultural backgrounds that nurtured what they call ’makerly ways’ - common threads forming the basis of their work, placing making in societal contexts.

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Sunday 15 May 11.30am
Tea and creativity with ceramicist Carol McNicoll
Rachael Matthews & Carol McNicoll

Textile artist Rachael Matthews shares a cuppa with Carol who talks about making ’things’. 

Carol McNicoll is one of a group of female artists who transformed the British ceramics scene in the 1970s. Her animated ceramic works and composite sculptures use inventive modelling and moulding techniques, transfers and found objects. Prior to this, she worked as a machinist for the fashion designer Zandra Rhodes and designed and made stage costumes for Roxy Music.

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Sunday 15 May 1.00pm
Textiles as a language of collaboration
Seher Mirza & Kirsty McDougall

The practice of textiles can take many shapes and forms. The discussion will range from power narratives in collaborative textile-making with indigenous communities to working within the framework of the fashion, interiors, art and science sectors. Can shared language in making transcend other differences and how are ethical and sustainable considerations integrated into collaborative textile production?

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Sunday 15 May 2.30pm
Fashion and architecture: sustainable and socially conscious design methodologies
Rob Jones, Catherine Teatum & Anne Thorne

Fashion brand Teatum Jones and Anne Thorne Architects will be ’in conversation’ with one another about their use of sustainable and socially conscious design methods used in their respective design processes and how a growing awareness of zero water and sustainable materials has informed their work.

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Sunday 15 May 4pm
Form meets function: a conversation between a sculptor and a potter
Tessa Eastman & Jeremy Nichols

Ceramic sculptor Tessa Eastman and saltglaze potter Jeremy Nichols present and discuss their work. Although the objects they make are very different in nature, the principles and values that guide their practice are remarkably similar, and these similarities and differences will form the basis of their conversation.

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