The exhibition, which is free to enter, includes over fifteen artists and makers, who will be showing, demonstrating and selling their work.


Vicki Ambery-Smith

Vicki is well-known for recreating real and imaginary buildings through delicate small-scale jewellery and boxes, constructed from sheet silver and gold, designed to be worn and used. She will be demonstrating the construction of one of her rings.

Bridget Bailey

A display of tiny flora and fauna sculptures and framed artwork, made from a combination of textile and millinery techniques and materials used in delicate and surprising ways, to make plants and insects inspired by allotment gardening. Bridget will demonstrate making blades of grass using rolled abaca fibre, using a millinery technique that has been given a new context in Bridget’s artworks and installations.

Monica Boxley

An experimental textile artist, Monica creates garments from cloth using different forms of print, creating wearable art. Her latest range of jackets are made using a cotton drill drop cloth capturing random ink and dye marks created during her printing process.  She will be showing a range of cotton, digitally printed patterned jackets; and others which are hand printed originals. She will also be demonstrating one of the processes she uses.

Hannah Coulson

Hannah will be showcasing her illustration and print-making work, demonstrating her process through sketchbooks and preparatory drawings, and making one-off pieces using collage materials.

Marianne Fox Ockinga

Marianne draws and paints from observation, focusing on people working on North London building sites and landscapes in Italy and Holland.  Her work has echoes of the Japanese woodcut artists. Her prints will be on display, along with drawings, photographs and objects that have inspired her. She will be demonstrating aspects of the print process using some of the tools of her trade.

Bobbie Kociejowski

Bobbie will be exhibiting new work, scarves and shawls woven in fine silk and wool, hand-woven in a contemporary style inspired by colours found in nature. She will also be demonstrating weaving on a table loom.

Mark L’Argent

Mark will be exhibiting various calligrapher’s tools that aren’t seen too often: types of reed, types of quill, metal pointed pens and nibs dating back to the 1850s, and a variety of modern writing tools. Also on show will be some samples of quill cutting knives and writing surfaces including parchment and vellum. He will be demonstrating writing with these tools and showing the intricacies of quill cutting.

Sue Lowday

Award-winning artist Sue Lowday will demonstrate making and exhibiting her leatherwork, ranging from vegetable tanned and hand dyed and embossed leather belts to sculptural formed hand stitched vegetable tanned leather bags.

Ruth Martin

Ruth creates limited edition hand printed artist books, small games, curios and greetings cards all in the same illustrative style. Her books are printed with hand carved rubber stamps. She will demonstrate the process of creating an artist book, carving the rubber stamps and printing with them, and finally putting an artist book together.

Taslim Martin

A sculptor and designer, Taslim’s creative output ranges from domestic scale sculpture and designs to public art commissions. He will present small works in ceramic bronze and cast iron and demonstrate wax modelling and the mould making process.

Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy, a saltglaze potter and former Chair of the Craft Potters Association, will be showing his open-handle teapot designs together with a selection of other drinking, pouring and lidded vessels. He will also demonstrate making and constructing a teapot.

Joyce Petschek

Joyce’s exquisite embroidery reinvents the art of Bargello. Her diverse collection of hand-stitched, luminously colourful pieces, includes vibrant wall hangings and reworked antique furniture, splendid silk cushions, unique purses and handbags. All are stitched in 100% silk threads. Her collection creates an amazing complex and intense works of art.

Llewellyn Thomas

Hand-printed decorative papers can be used for many purposes, from bookbinding to shelf lining. Llewellyn also makes ‘memory boxes’, covered inside and out with his eye-catching patterns, and will demonstrate the techniques he uses. He will also show his wood engravings and etchings.

Carolyn Trant

Carolyn will be exhibiting and demonstrating the making of hand-made woodcut Artists Books in varying sizes, including concertina books - some simple, others complex and with colourful hand-cut shapes. Also hand-cut hand-printed sets of tarot/playing cards, and ’cartoneras’ with woodcuts printed over newspaper articles on ecological themes.

Maiko Tsutsumi

Inspired by ethnological objects and structural details found in all cultures that speak of human ingenuity, skills and ideas involved in their ‘come-to-be’, Maiko will be exhibiting a range of finely crafted sculptures and objects in wood, lacquer and ceramic.