The Stanford University Library Contemporary Calligraphy Collection

Stanford University Library is delighted to announce the launch of a new collection of calligraphy. Building on book arts most generously donated to Stanford Library by the Gunst family, a special new collection of twenty-first century calligraphic excellence from the best practitioners throughout the world will be created over the next three years and it is hoped that this will continue well into the future. It is hoped that this will culminate in an exhibition and symposium/conference. Although initially the collection will focus on western calligraphy it is intended that this is only the start of a comprehensive collection that encompasses writing systems from all over the world showing the best of creativity, diversity and thought-provoking aspects of modern calligraphy which delight the eye and feed the soul.  
Patricia Lovett MBE is Co-Director with Dr Ben Albritton of Stanford, and is Chief Judge of a team that includes Ben, Gemma Black (Australia), Peter Halliday (UK), Katharina Pieper (Germany) and Julian Waters (US).  
With the essence of the collection being excellence, anyone with the highest standards of lettering and creativity can submit an artwork, membership or fellowship of calligraphy and arts societies is not a requirement. There is a limited budget to buy artworks, but they can be donated too which will increase the size and scope of the collection.
Please see here and here for more information and how to apply.

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