Scrubs for Doctors

Bro. Fleur Oakes has been in touch with Surgeon Tamzin Cuming who says that Homerton Hospital are desperate for scrubs and fluid resistant long sleeved gowns. Fleur is willing to sew - but needs financial help with purchasing enough fabric to do so. If any Brothers would like to help, you can send donations to Fleur's Paypal account ( Please mark it as a GIFT and put 'NHS scrubs' as a message/reference. This is rather urgent as Fleur would like to try and order the fabric before the Easter bank holiday - so deadline for donations is latest Wednesday night. If you would like to help with sewing - please contact Fleur directly by email.

To make a donation:
1. Login to your Paypal account
2. Go to 'send and request'
3. Type in for the recipient
4. Enter the amount 
5. Add the message 'nhs scrubs' when prompted
6. Click send

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