New blog posts: Bro. Jane Dorner - The Stuff of Life

All of us make or design stuff. Why do we do it and who for? Where do you fall on the scale between museum connoisseurship and untrammelled hoarding? Bro. Jane Dorner explores these questions in this week's blog post, and shares with us the beautiful watercolour portraits she has made of her belongings. These watercolours have been compiled into self-published book, The Stuff of Life, the proceeds of which Jane is very generously donating to the Guild.

To read Jane's blog post click here.


From left to right - work by: Frank Brangwen, Matthew Eve, Frances Federer,
Simon Hurst, John Piper, Francis Terry,
Glynn Boyd Harte, Jeremy Sancha and Madeleine Dinkel (finished by John Nash)

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