Exhibition - Call for Submissions

John Frederick Lewis - Orientalism Then and Now - Interpretations in craft and architecture



The Outreach Committee are calling for submissions for an exhibition exploring the work of the Victorian Orientalist painter, John Frederick Lewis, and offering contemporary interpretations of 'the Oriental' today. The project is in partnership with East London Textile Arts and The Watts Gallery and will run in parallel to the Watts Gallery exhibition of portraits by John Frederick Lewis to be held from summer 2019.

The Guild exhibition will be on show in January and February 2020. Brothers are invited to participate in two ways. The first is by creating an octagon, based on the traditional Islamic motif.  You can interpret this in any way you choose and in any medium you choose. The octagon should be no bigger than 16cm across – i.e. based on two intersecting 12 cm squares. Please find a template attached to get you started. The image above shows examples of octagons that have been made and embroidered by ELTA to give some inspiration. 

The second way to participate is if Brothers have ideas or already finished work which they feel would fit within the focus of the show - whether illustration, architectural plans, Islamic designs etc - we’d love to see them and work out how they can be incorporated. Inclusion is on a first come basis. Work can be for sale.

If you would like to take part in the project or would like more information, please contact Bro. Celia Ward by email or phone on 07985 993191. We’d love as many Brothers as possible to participate.

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