AquaJack or 20,000 Leagues Under Bogginton on Sea

PM Ian Archie Beck recently sent this picture of a Guild Pantomime from the 1990s.  AquaJack or 20,000 Leagues Under Bogginton on Sea was performed at the Guild in January 1995 and involved the talents of many Guildsmen, including the late Brothers Margaret Watson, Ray Pfaendler, Madeleine Dinkel, and PM Chris Boulter. PM Glynn Boyd Harte was the driving force and also involved Bro. Llewellyn Thomas, the Master Alan Powers, PM Ian Archie Beck and assorted Guild children and grandchildren. 

Jack Worthing a young sailor: Biddy (James Biddlecombe)
The very reverend Ichabod Mandible: (an Episcopalian Bishop) PM Ian Archie Beck
Nemo a puppet master: PM Alan Powers
Merriman, a Merman in disguise: John Hilton

Children visible: 
A retinue of icicles: Eleanor Powers, Emily Pountney, Veronica Brough. 
Trusty Crustaceans: Felix Hilton, Caspar Boyd Harte, James Pountney.



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