Talks at 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm, and 4pm each day
£12 each - booking in advance essential

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Thursday 7 October

11.30 am Vicky Ambery-Smith Architecture in miniature
Vicki reveals the processes used to explores the language of architecture in her unique miniature structures. The lecture includes a demonstration of fine silver fretwork and a rare opportunity to look up close at the finished pieces.

1.00 pm Llewellyn Thomas Craftsman, ‘designer’-craftsman, ‘artist’-craftsman.
Llewellyn will explore the hierarchy implied in these different words with a focus on his own practice of relief printmaking. At what point does skilled craft practice reach beyond making?

2.30 pm Jens Torp The magical world of the silver miniature
Jens Torp will tell his story - from being a goldsmith working in Hatton Garden for many years to meeting a hobby enthusiast who introduced him to the magical world of the 1/12th scale miniature.

4.00 pm Tracey Sheppard and Katharine Coleman Cutting it Fine
Glass engravers Tracey Sheppard and Katharine Coleman compare their contrasting techniques, backgrounds, tools and perspectives. Whilst Tracey works on both architectural and small scale commissions, Katharine focuses almost exclusively on smaller scale works. As with other crafts, the future is never certain and they share a determination to keep their crafts alive by teaching and demonstrating.

Friday 8 October

11.30 am Bridget Bailey A Making Safari
Bridget gives an illustrated talk about her discoveries and experiences interpreting nature in her work, from the awe-inspiring construction of a blade of grass to how to describe a dead butterfly in the language of textiles.

1.00 pm Karen Bunting in conversation with architect Anne Thorne - Artist as technician
Before becoming a ceramicist, Karen Bunting trained as a chemist. Karen and Anne will discuss the technical and artist elements of their disciplines, drawing out the similarities and differences and exploring how technical constraints influence their work as creators

2.30 pm Prue Cooper Messages from the Workshop
For centuries potters have inscribed their pots with messages to the world beyond the workshop - an impulse like putting a message in a bottle. Prue Cooper relates this to her own work.

4.00 pm Cathryn Shilling Woven Narratives
Cathryn will discuss the ethos and inspiration behind her signature work, from its initial conception almost fifteen years ago, through the many incarnations of its evolution, to her most recent and innovative work which combines both warm and hot glass techniques.

Saturday 9 October

11.30 am Monica Boxley From my phone to a piece of unique handcrafted cloth
Monica will show the process of photo manipulation to a finished piece of fabric. The processes may be totally digital, or the photograph may be the starting point for screen printed and hand painted fabric. It all starts with a smartphone…

1.00 pm Chila Burman in Conversation with Frances Spalding Portraiture - Punjab - Punk- Pop
Chila will talk about her recent projects, including her installation Remembering a Brave New World at Tate Britain, her promo car for the White Tiger movie, the Ruth Borchard Self-portraiture show at Coventry Cathedral in May and the Covent Garden commission I See Words in Rainbows from August - November 2021.

2.30 pm Chris Keenan Round & around
Chris’ talk will track the major opportunities and developments that 25 years of making pots have afforded him. From his apprenticeship to working with industry to being artist-in-residence in Japan and the pleasures of site-specific exhibitions.

4.00 pm Penny Walsh Contemporary application of natural dyes – inspiration from the past
An exploration of some of the myths and magic of the ancient art of colouring textiles and the adaptation of historic dyeing methods and recipes for contemporary requirements. Could a serious revival of the craft of traditional dyeing be both an inspiration for designers and a solution to some of the textile industry’s sustainability problems?

Sunday 10 October

11.30 am Julie Arkell in conversation with Jane Cox Making a Story
Julie works in mixed media...papier mâché, fabric, wool, cardboard and assorted household ephemera. Words and lists are stitched or painted onto pieces creating their own narrative and worlds. This open wide-ranging conversation between Julie, Jane and the audience will encompass the beginnings of her work, her influences and the use of domestic materials.

1.00 pm Phil Abel The Amazing Mechanical Typesetting Machine and Other Wonders
Phil will talk about the extraordinary invention of mechanical metal typesetting in the late nineteenth century that influenced printing and typography, contributing to the interplay of aesthetics and techniques that make up great printing.

2.30 pm Bobbie Kociejowski, Charlotte Grierson and Rachael Matthews A conversation between three contemporary makers of constructed textiles
Handweavers Bobbie Kociejowski and Charlotte Grierson and textile artist Rachael Matthews exchange ideas around the value of constructing textiles by hand in the world today and the importance of passing on knowledge for the future.

4.00 pm Stephen Fowler Rubbish Printmaking
Stephen’s background in rubber stamp printmaking has progressed into the use of recycled materials as an exciting alternative to traditional forms of print, within the context of his studio and teaching practice.


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