Part 1: Thursday 7 – Friday 8 October

Bridget Bailey

Vicki Ambery-Smith
Vicki is well-known for recreating real and imaginary buildings through delicate small-scale jewellery and boxes, constructed from sheet silver and gold, designed to be worn and used.

Bridget Bailey
Inspired by plants and insects encountered through allotment gardening, Bridget uses a combination of textile and millinery techniques and materials in delicate and surprising ways, to make tiny flora and fauna sculptures.

Karen Bunting
The decoration on Karen’s work maps out the surface and leads the eye around the pot revealing its form. She will be demonstrating her decorating techniques – sgraffito, incising, inlay, paper resist, fluting and faceting.

Prue Cooper
Prue’s slipware dishes celebrate friendship and simple pleasures. Some are inscribed with quotations; the lettering is part of the design, just as the words are integral to a song, and the cast of characters depicted also comment on life.

Penny Fowler
Penny will be showing and demonstrating her working processes by casting a new form in layers of coloured bone china slips and then carving through the layers to reveal her designs.

Isabella Kocum
In her painted and gilded carved sculpture, Isabella follows the tradition of an ancient European art, which she will exhibit and demonstrate.

Sue Lowday
Award winning artist Sue Lowday is demonstrating making and exhibiting her sculptural leather bags alongside desirable belts and purses. The pieces are made with an emphasis on sourcing sustainable leathers.

Agalis Manessi

Majolica magic: hares, hounds and fresco dames; terracotta modelling of animal creatures and figures – inspired by the work of great artists from museums and churches across Europe – brought to life through painting oxides onto the raw glaze.

Georgy Metichian
Georgy carves wood with very fine details. He will be demonstrating how his work is made, and how the tools and the different types of wood he chooses create the finished effect.

Tracey Sheppard
Why do I need cocktail sticks? Are diamonds really this girl’s best friends...or would any old stone do? How can clear glass appear black? Answers to these questions and many others from the curious world of engraved glass.

Cathryn Shilling
Cathryn Shilling’s ground-breaking methods transcend the boundaries between individual techniques and often unexpected materials. She will display of work showcasing the meticulous nature of her woven glass compositions.

Jens Torp
Jens will be showing a variety of his 1/12th scale silver miniatures inspired by many historical periods, Tudor, Georgian, Victorian and others.


Also on sale, a collection of prints and other 2D works by Art Workers, including unframed screenprints and etchings, zines, small-scale printed items and wallpaper.


Part 2: Saturday 9 - Sunday 10 October

Thomas Mayo

Phil Abel
For over 35 years, Phil Abel has sustained his passion for fine letterpress printing. He will be showing books from his imprint, Hand & Eye Editions, including work in progress.

Julie Arkell
By the sound of a tic-toc watch... owls, tiny creatures, trees, toadstools and houses made from papier mâché and dressed in old fabrics with embroidered messages... they have travelled far to be 

Monica Boxley
Monica’s beautiful jackets are individual pieces of wearable art, demonstrating her innovative techniques: photography, mark making and screen printing.

Charlotte Grierson
Charlotte’s scarves, handwoven in mixes of silk, merino and linen, elegant, timeless and beautifully soft to wear, are suitable for men and women alike. In independent handwoven artwork compositions, she explores pattern and textures in weaving.

Nicholas Hughes
With original prints alongside studio ephemera and the printing blocks and plates used to produce the finished works, Nick will be demonstrating his personal approach to designing wallpaper.

Bobbie Kociejowski
Bobbie will be exhibiting new work, scarves and shawls woven in fine silk and wool, hand-woven in a contemporary style inspired by colours found in nature. She will also be demonstrating weaving on a table loom.

Sophie MacCarthy
Scatter and flow, rhythm and movement, along with a bold and joyous approach to colour, are the distinctive features of Sophie’s justly renowned slip-painted earthenware ceramics.

Thomas Mayo
Working as a letterpress printmaker, Thomas creates a wide range of bespoke printed goods, featuring his own printing blocks cut from wood, using a variety of new-fangled techniques.

Thuyha Nguyen
Fine jewellery inspired by animals and nature, handcrafted using traditional wax-carving techniques. Every unique piece is a wearable sculpture that exudes originality, refined craftsmanship and attention to detail. ha.jewellerylondon

Jeremy Nichols
Jeremy, a saltglaze potter and former Chair of the Craft Potters Association, will be showing his open-handle teapot designs together with a selection of other drinking, pouring and lidded vessels. He will also demonstrate making and constructing a teapot.

Jane Smith
A display of period hats by Jane Smith, a hat maker for stage and screen. Original hats from film and theatre productions in straw, felt, silk, feather and fur. Also showing an early 19th century fashionable bicorn and everyday silk top hat, plus an old collapsible opera hat with its modern versions purchasable online. Some will be available to purchase on the day.

Sandy Ross Sykes and Rebecca Jewell
Drawn from Nature: demonstrating the teaching of drawing directly from nature which Sandy runs with fellow artist Rebecca Jewell. On display will be a sample nature table with specimens and nature curios. Framed printed feathers, silk scarves and watercolour paintings by Sandy and Rebecca will be on sale, as well as information about their drawing workshops.

Penny Walsh
A display and demonstration of natural dyeing, illustrating the different methods of extracting and preparing dyestuffs from plant-based material. Try testing small samples of fabric in the resulting decoctions for yourself.


Also on sale a collection of prints and other 2D work by Art Workers for sale, including unframed prints (screenprints, etchings), zines, small-scale printed items and wallpaper.


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