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Thinking with your Hands

This was an event organised jointly by the Outreach committee, Roger Kneebone and Rachel Warr, the puppeteer. It took place on 9 April 2016.

The principal message was that learning to make something at school broadens the mind, and teaches skills which are valuable, rather than (as our current Education Minister would have it) ‘holding you back for the rest of your life’, and to illustrate that craftsmanship engenders ways of working, and ways of thinking, which are applicable across disciplines.

We obtained £1,500 funding for the event to be documented with film; the film-maker retains copyright, but is allowing us to make use, as we choose, of both the edited version and the complete footage. Click here to see the two-minute film.


Brother Jinny Blom

Bro. Jinny Blom won the top bali (British Association of Landscape Industries) award for her installation at Spring Restaurant at Somerset House (pictured below). Her (in her own words) ‘humble marble cast Gunnera leaves fought off a five million pound project in Dubai and two other vast commercial projects’. The Guild applauds initiatives of decoration in an age of mass production.