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Title: Snowhills

Dimensions: Front of screens - 2 4 fold screens - 1’6 w x 5’6 high

Hawthorne Tree

Title: Hawthorne Tree

Dimensions: Front of Screen 6’5 high x 6’4 wide

Group of 3 Screens

Title: Group of 3 Screens

Description: Often both sides of the screen are painted, with a theme that links the two images, for example 2 seasons over the same landscape.

Breward s Carr

Title: Breward s Carr

Dimensions: 3 piece screen, 12’w x 6’ high each Panel 2’ w x 6’ high

An Interior   Front of screen

Title: An Interior Front of screen

Dimensions: 4 fold screen 5’6 high x 6’w each panel 1’6 x 5’6