Sculpturally, I work in terracotta, wood and bronze and my painted work ranges from interior specialist decoration and murals to the restoration of period lacquered and painted furniture (see website).

I chose to work in the sphere of architectural decoration because I felt drawn to historical art which had/has a metaphysical or ceremonial function. I am therefore influenced by traditional work from many eras and regions of the world as well as by certain 20th century architectural and gallery artists (and a few contemporary ones).

Having learned these traditional skills I began to use them in order to create a body of contemporary work. In this work I sometimes use traditional iconography in order to challenge commonly held assumptions and utilize elements of ‘social surrealism’ and humour. And the reason I feel it is still relevant to source historical religious iconography at times is because we live with the threat of disaster on many fronts, and have to deal, psychologically and morally, with issues like global warming, genetic engineering, factory farming and the rise of religious fundamentalism, while at the same time trying to keep afloat in a basically free market world.  So these works are often made in order to ask cultural, environmental and moral questions.

I feel out of time with our contemporary culture's definition of the word 'art' - and find the fact that important ‘artists’ have to employ ‘technicians’ to make work for them absurd. Up to the 1930's most artists were artisans first and foremest and I believe that should still be the case.


I served a six and a half year apprenticeship with a leading specialist decorator, Len Pardon. We carried out work for private London homes, clubs, Parisian hotels, even Sultan’s palaces. But I wanted to expand my skills to include carving and figurative modeling, so I enrolled at the City & Guilds of London Art School and later received an MA 'Art in Architecture' from the U.E.L.

Since then I have worked on many historic restoration projects (see images), in which I have always tried to achieve the quality and feeling of a particular period. As stated, I have also made work for gallery display and have exhibited in rural as well as in London galleries.

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Image Gallery

London Coliseum

Title: London Coliseum

Dimensions: Lifesize

Media: Terracotta

Description: New figures and lions for London Coliseum restoration. (2003/4)

Master Model for ColThe Bridgewater Madona

Title: The Bridgewater Madona

Dimensions: Lifesize

Media: Carved limewood

Description: The Bridgewater Madonna (after Raphael). Bridgewater House, London. (1990)

Master Model for Coliseum

Title: Master Model for Coliseum

Dimensions: Lifesize

Media: Modeling Clay

Description: Lion for Coliseum. 2003

The Almighty Cheese Burger with Fries

Title: The Almighty Cheese Burger with Fries

Dimensions: 560 x 470mm

Media: Acrylic on carved oak

Description: The Almighty Cheeseburger with Fries. (2001)

Foot and Mouth Window

Title: Foot and Mouth Window

Dimensions: 1200x1200mm

Media: Acrylic on panel

Description: Book cover for The cultural impact of Foot and Mouth disease, 2001. Manchester University Press(2001)

Adam and Steve

Title: Adam and Steve

Dimensions: 117cms x 80cms

Media: acrylic on panel

Description: After Cranach. 2006