Special Events


PPIG 2018
Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 September 2018
at the Art Workers’ Guild

PPIG (Psychology of Programming Interest Group), a niche think tank of academics, will be holding their annual conference at the Guild this year, with the aim of questioning whether arts and crafts sensibilities could be introduced to computer programming at a deep philosophical level.

They have asked the Guild to introduce computer scientists to arts and crafts thinking.  They would be interested to learn about how we tick as a Guild, and how our collaborations with each other, and with computers, work.

Any Brother interested in participating is asked to answer one or more of the following questions - on a postcard:

1. How does your computer make you feel?
2. If you could have a bespoke computer built for you, what would it look like?
3. If you are old enough to remember a world without computers, can you remember what you thought a computer would be?
4. If the founders of the Guild had built a special Guild computer into the fabric of the Hall, what would it have done?
5. Have computers ever got in the way of your practice?

Answers can be in writing and/or image, abstract, realist or other. Postcards can be 4"x6" or 5"x7" or 3D. The postcards can be drawn, painted, carved, fired, woven, knitted or programmed.  Please send them to Leigh at the Guild.

We do not expect to understand each other.  This dialogue is not about being literal, but about ideas, shapes or even Dada.  We can be happy to honestly disconnect rather than falsify a connection.


Exhibition - The Art of Playfulness  
Monday 14 May to Sunday 29 July 2018 
at the Art Workers’ Guild 

An exhibition of work by new Brothers in the Yellow Gallery.  The exhibition shows finished pieces and the processes and tools behind them and features work by Hannah Coulson, Zebedee Helm and Jeff Soan.

Curated by Bro. Monica Grose-Hodge.


Open House London and the Table Top Museum
Sunday 23 September 2018 11 am - 6 pm
at the Art Workers’ Guild

The Table Top Museum is back for its third year, in conjunction with Open House weekend.  Join us for an inventive celebration of the madness and the extraordinary rules of those who collect.


Exhibition - Harold Jones
Monday 1 October to Saturday 13 October 2018 
at the Art Workers’ Guild 

Brother Neil Jennings of Jennings Fine Art will be holding an exhibition of Harold Jones’ work.


AWG and Fortnum & Mason - The Gift of Giving
November 2018
at Fortnum & Mason


Past Events


Exhibition - Rob Ryan
Monday 18 June to Saturday 23 June 2018 
at the Art Workers’ Guild 

Bro. Rob Ryan and TAG Fine Arts held an exhibition of new work, But If I Tell You It Won’t Come True at the Guild. Rob made a departure from his previous monochromatic paper cuts, showing new pieces using multi-layered collaged paper cuts and highly coloured limited silkscreen prints.  There was a book signing with Rob on Saturday 23 June 1 pm - 3 pm


Exhibition - Salon Des Refusés - Traditional Architecture Group
Monday 4 June to Thursday 14 June 2018 
at the Art Workers’ Guild 

An exhibition of works refused entry into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition by members of the Traditional Architecture Group, organised by Bro. Simon Hurst. 

This year, many TAG members submitted entries for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. All but one were refused and all these entries, which included many fine architectural models, exquisite drawings, stone carvings and plasterwork went into TAG’s own exhibition.


Unveiled - The Craft of Millinery
London Craft Week and the Worshipful Company of Feltmakers
Wednesday 9 to Sunday 13 May 2018 at the Art Workers’ Guild 

An exhibition which brought together the best of British millinery, showcasing the diverse styles and skills of makers and giving an insight into their design processes. In conjunction with London Craft Week, supported by the Worshipful Company of Feltmakers and hosted by the Art Workers’ Guild.

Curated by leading milliners Rachel Trevor Morgan, Edwina Ibbotson and Noel Stewart, this unique exhibition drew on their experience and knowledge to highlight the very special craft of millinery and its varied techniques, both modern and traditional. It includes hats from Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy as well as millinery costumier, Jane Smith. There was also be a display of winning hats from the annual Feltmakers’ Design Competition. Throughout the week there were variety of other ticketed talks, demonstrations and a documentary.  


Magic Carpet Event 
Tuesday 24 April 2018 at the Art Workers’ Guild

Magic Carpets and the possibilities and limitations of ’Neurodiverse Art’: An exploration of the Creative process and its relation to how our our brains work through the launch of #MagicCarpet tapestry art. 

On the occasion of the launch of a new tapestry artwork, artist Dr Kai Syng Tan and mentor Professor of Psychiatry Philip Asherson (Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre, King’s College London) and distinguished members of the Art Workers’ Guild held a discussion exploring the creative process and its relation to how our brains work. Guests speakers were Professor Andrew Stahl (UCL Slade School of Fine Art), Jo Verrent (Unlimited) and Ben Graham (Headway East London). Brothers Rachael Matthews, Fleur Oakes and Paul Jakeman demonstrated their work alongside the discussion.


Darning and Patching Workshop
Saturday 21 April 2018, 1 - 5 pm at the Art Workers’ Guild 

The AWG Outreach committee invited Brothers and their friends to a day of decorative darning and mending. Yarns and woven fabrics of many colours were provided to darn knitwear and patch holes. There was tuition in the use of darning mushrooms, and examples of how decorative darning can bring new life to old favourites.  Sewing machines, irons, needles and scissors were provided along with refreshments. 


Exhibition - The Workshop of Past Master Stephen Gottlieb 
Monday 9 April to Saturday 2 June 2018 at the Art Workers’ Guild 

Brother Jane Dorner held an exhibition of work inspired by Past Master Stephen Gottlieb’s workshop. Several Brothers contributed pieces illustrating the diversity of a craftsman’s practice. 


HRH Prince of Wales visits New Courtyard
Wednesday 7 March 2018 at the Art Workers’ Guild 

The Guild had the honour of hosting Hon. Brother HRH The Prince of Wales.  His visit marked the official opening of the new Courtyard.  As well as unveiling a plaque in honour of his visit, he took the opportunity to meet and view the work of Brothers. More photos can be found on the Guild’s Instagram feed.


Edgar Wood - a Painted Veil film screening
Thursday 1 March 2018 at the Art Workers’ Guild 

The Guild held a film screening of Anthony Dolan’s new documentary film ’Edgar Wood - a Painted Veil’, featuring Brother Gareth Mason as Edgar Wood.  Doors open at 6.30 pm for a 7 pm start.




Guild Auction
Thursday 23 November 2017 at the Art Workers’ Guild

Our annual auction of Brothers’ work featuring paintings, prints, furniture, ceramics, glass pieces and more…all broadly on the theme of Thanksgiving, to mark the American holiday.


Making and the Creative Economy: The MERL Annual Lecture
Monday 6 November 2017, 7.15 - 9.15 pm

The Great Hall, University of Reading

Convened in partnership with the Art Workers’ Guild, the Heritage Crafts Association and the Crafts Council, this panel debate at the Museum of English Rural Life brought together influential thinkers connected to craft and making to explore pressing issues facing the creative economy.


How to be a Craftivist
Saturday 21 October 2017 at the Art Workers’ Guild

As part of the Bloomsbury Festival, the Guild hosted the award-winning campaigner and founder of the global Craftivist Collective Sarah Corbett.


Table Top Museum
Sunday 24 September 2017 at the Art Workers’ Guild

An exhilarating, exciting and inventive celebration of the madness and the extraordinary rules of those who collect. Featuring museums of groovy flutes, coastal curiosities, shopping lists, gay dolls, the Chinchilla’s Museum of Crypto-Zoology, and many more...


Lunch-time conversations with East London Textile Arts
Wednesday 19 April 2017 at the Art Workers’ Guild

A dialogue between local community groups and professional craftspeople.


Thinking with Your Hands
Saturday 18 March 2017 at the Art Workers’ Guild

Members of the Guild (jeweller, stonecarver, decorative plasterer, potter, product designer, embroiderer, etc) paired up with surgeons, engineers, bioscientists, people working with computers, etc, to demonstrate the critical importance of craftsmanship across disciplines, and the transferability of the understanding of skills.