Special Events

Throughout the year, we hold special events and exhibitions of Brothers’ work.  We also collaborate with other professional organisations, hosting and organising several events each year to share and explore craft awareness.

Upcoming Events

Making and the Creative Economy: The MERL Annual Lecture
Monday 6 November 2017, 7.15 - 9.15 pm
The Great Hall, University of Reading

Convened in partnership with the Art Workers’ Guild, the Heritage Crafts Association and the Crafts Council, this panel debate at the Museum of English Rural Life will bring together influential thinkers connected to craft and making to explore pressing issues facing the creative economy. 

Guild Auction
Thursday 23 November at the Art Workers’ Guild

Our annual Auction of Brothers’ work featuring paintings, prints, furniture, ceramics, glass pieces and more…all broadly on the theme of Thanksgiving, to mark the American holiday.

Past Events

How to be a Craftivist
Saturday 21 October at the Art Workers’ Guild

As part of the Bloomsbury Festival, the Guild hosted the award-winning campaigner and founder of the global Craftivist Collective Sarah Corbett. 

Table Top Museum
Sunday 24 September at the Art Workers’ Guild

An exhilarating, exciting and inventive celebration of the madness and the extraordinary rules of those who collect. Featuring museums of groovy flutes, coastal curiosities, shopping lists, gay dolls, the Chinchilla’s Museum of Crypto-Zoology, and many more...

Thinking with Your Hands
Saturday 18 March at the Art Workers’ Guild

Members of the Guild (jeweller, stonecarver, decorative plasterer, potter, product designer, embroiderer, etc) paired up with surgeons, engineers, bioscientists, people working with computers, etc, to demonstrate the critical importance of craftsmanship across disciplines, and the transferability of the understanding of skills.

Lunch-time conversations with East London Textile Arts
Wednesday 19 April at the Art Workers’ Guild

A dialogue between local community groups and professional craftspeople.