Guild meetings

The Guild’s programme of meetings is open to Guild members and their guests only.


Thursday 12 January
Master’s Night

Thursday 26 January
Sal Shuel James Boswell: The Artist’s Dilemma
James Boswell (1906-71) trained as a painter and combined radical politics with commercial art, returning to painting in the 1950s. His daughter Sal will talk about his life and work and the dilemma of the artist who has to earn a living without patrons.

Thursday 9 February
David Parsons The Art of the Vinyl Reprint
Dave works at The Electric Recording Company, who recreate classical and jazz LPs from the 1950s and 1960s. The original tapes are remastered on their own vintage valve equipment and new pressings made to the very highest standards.

Thursday 23 February
Humphrey Stone, Phillida Gili and Emma Beck Reynolds Stone
Reynolds Stone was one of the foremost lettering artists and wood engravers of the twentieth century whose work is still widely seen in The Times and on the cover of UK passports. Three of his four children will talk about his life and work.

Thursday 9 March
Patrick Doorly The Beautiful and Good in Early Greek Culture
Art historians and critics generally avoid references to beauty and quality since neither is objective or definable. Patrick will challenge us to reconsider beliefs so deeply embedded in our culture that they may appear to be beyond critical examination, beliefs that are central to the ethos of the Guild.

Thursday 23 March
Gary Northfield Comics Workshop
A practical evening of making our own comics with Gary Northfield, author of the Julius Zebra books and the brilliant Gary’s Garden in The Phoenix.

Thursday 6 April
Dr Ann Pillar and Nick Sloan Knowledge and Restraint: Exuberance and Verve. The Letterforms of Michael Harvey MBE
Michael Harvey (1931–2013) – jazz-lover, photographer, cyclist, and teacher – was an eminent maker of letters and designer of alphabets. Fascinated by Michael’s robust attitude to design Ann Pillar & Nick Sloan explore how his letterforms, like jazz, are dependent on a combination of technique, fluidity, and improvisation; the aim is to show how Michael worked, making a virtue of constraint, of getting the letter shapes right, while at the same time being unable to draw a line without implying a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

Thursday 27 April
Tim Milne The Value of Real Things
Tim started in screen printing in the early 1980s. His company Artomatic helps other businesses to talk to people through the human language of objects and physicality. He is passionate about printing and thinks about it carefully.

Thursday 11 May
Bro. Simon Lewin & Bro. Angie Lewin St Jude’s
In an age of conceptual art and installation, Simon and Angie Lewin run the highly successful St Jude’s gallery and their associated publishing arm Random Spectacular. They champion contemporary artists such as Bro. Christopher Brown, Mark Hearld, Emily Sutton and Jonny Hannah, as well as the work of Bro. Angie herself.

Thursday 25 May
John Neilson Words, Shapes or What?
John Neilson has worked as a lettercarver and lettering designer since 1991. Before that he was a foreign language teacher. With examples from his own and other letterers’ work, he will examine how language and visible form interact in lettercarving and other ’lettering art’, and will try to tease out what lasting value there may be in it all.

Thursday 8 June
Susannah Walker Posters Telling Stories
Susannah (‘Crownfolio’) writes the Vintage Poster Blog. She will talk about how posters let slip strange bits of information if we look at them with a sidelong glance.

Thursday 22 June
PM Ian Beck and PM Peyton Skipwith Dear Edward
PM Skipwith was Edward Bawden’s dealer for the last twenty years of his life. He and PM Beck will read from their recently-published correspondence.

Thursday 6 July
Phil Baines and Catherine Dixon Public Lettering
Teachers, writers and practitioners, our speakers also curate the Central Lettering Archive at Central St Martins College and have led many public lettering walks.

Thursday 5 October
Bro. Alan Powers Edward Ardizzone
Neither speaker nor subject probably require introduction. Bro Powers’ book on Ardizzone was published in September 2016 

Thursday 19 October
Ewan Clayton The Death of Writing?
What is the future for a skill such as handwriting when more and more writing is being created electronically? In this talk Ewan Clayton, Professor of Design at Sunderland University, asks a fundamental question: what is writing? And how does it work?

Thursday 2 November
James Jessiman The Ethics of the Copy
James studies at the Royal College of Art. He has become adept at using digital technology to recreate artist’s separations from printed books and comics.

Thursday 16 November
Graham Moss The Book, the Whole Book, and Nothing But
Graham Moss began to learn letterpress printing in 1966 while working as the office manager for the Anarchist publisher Freedom Press in a blitzed school behind Whitechapel Art Gallery. Since the late 1980s he has focused on all the handicrafts of trying to make decent books in an indecent world.

Thursday 30 November
Bro. Elaine Ellis American Night
Elaine is President of Arts and Crafts Tours, bringing American visitors to Britain to examine the roots of the Arts and Crafts movement. She will be talking about the world of her parents, both of whom were art dealers in New York.