The main objective in my design work, as in my conservation work, is to honour a building, or place, by enhancing its existing qualities, and adding to its cultural significance. My work is traditional and figurative; it searches for and pays respect to the appropriate canon,
and style. I enjoy the nature of materials, and understand their characteristics and limitations. I prefer to work British stones, and to model lime-based plaster work. Preparation involves observation and research, then making scale models in painted polystyrene. I aim to make a competent and durable work of craftsmanship that relates to its architectural propriety. I attempt an economy of line leading to a certain cleanness and simplicity, whilst it is hoped that a buoyancy of form counteracts any tendency to sterility. I am conscious that detail, if it is not carefully edited, can easily detract from the potency of the image.
I underwent a Fine Arts training but feel at ease as an ‘operative artist’. I believe that working in close harmony with a particular building or place, and being part of a long tradition does not preclude the opportunity for artistic expression. My priority is for new work to fit quietly in its location. If it also conveys a spiritual message or stirs the emotions, that is a bonus.

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The Millennium Pilgrim

Title: The Millennium Pilgrim

Dimensions: Width 670mm x heigh 1700mm x depth 400mm

Media: Ancaster Limestone

Description: Designed to fit its space outside the pilgrim Chapel in Southwell, Notts, this idea of Everyman serves to inspire contemplation of our inner and spiritual journey through life.

Noah Builds The Ark

Title: Noah Builds The Ark

Dimensions: Width 180mm x height 310mm x max depth 110mm

Media: Cast Resign, or plaster.

Description: One of sixteen scenes in the new Genesis Cycle commissioned by York Minster in 1995. The Minister Carvers copied the casts into arch stones on the new Great West Door.

Saint Francis and The Wolf of Gubbio

Title: Saint Francis and The Wolf of Gubbio

Dimensions: Width 330mm x height 790mm x depth 330mm

Media: Ancaster Limestone

Description: Narrative piece designed to fit mediaeval West Gable Niche of Minchinhampton Church, Glos. Pose allows face to be seen from the main entrance below. A milllennium gift, installed in 2000.

Peter s Seat

Title: Peter s Seat

Dimensions: Diameter of paring circle: 3300mm x height 1140mm

Media: Cotswold Hill Limestone

Description: Commissioned in 1996 as a memorial to a friend who enjoyed the three views from here, in a private garden beside the Thames at Lechlade. Traditional construction using lime mortar.

Honeysuckle Tympanum

Title: Honeysuckle Tympanum

Dimensions: Width 505mm x height 1020mm x thickness 75mm

Media: Hopton Wood Limestone

Description: Detail of reverse face of headstone in a Norfolk Churchyard, completed in 2000. A combination of texts and images to comfort the living, honour the dead, and inform posterity.